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Animals were always a big part of my life; I was surrounded by them wherever I lived. Their unconditional love and dedication made my home a more pleasurable place to live.
However, Great Danes were always in the center of my attention. They were the first ones I spotted on dog shows. I was drowned by their peacefulness, harmony, majestic presence and strong build. I was dreaming that one day I will be able to have them as part of my life. I thought it would never happen…
One day Batavia Mysliwi Wodana (thank you Piotr) showed up on my door steps. Even thought at that time I was going through a rough period in my life, Funia (one of her nick names) brighten it all up. After that daily troubles were not as hard to handle any more. Life became more vibrant. Batunia, her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren gave me a deeper understanding of that particular breed. Now I know that apart from being glorious and peaceful they are also wild, full of energy, and have a surprisingly great sense of humor. In some ways, their differences and similarities contrast between one another. But most important is they have unconditional love for humans that radiate from their eyes and through their body. Great Danes live with me form 2004 and I hope it will stay that way!!!

I hope you will enjoy reviewing this side about that particular breed.






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